Kent & Sussex Wine Tours UK

Our Mission: The Greatest Food & Wine Experiences on Earth!

A Vine + Country Experience is a lovely place to fall in love with life.

We have a very simple ambition: to create the most immersive wine & food tourism experience in England in a way that is sustainable and supports the growth and successes of the pioneers of English viticulture and food culture.

At our core we are wine enthusiasts and food lovers eager to share our love and knowledge of our local English wines and exceptional regional gastronomy of this beautiful corner of England.

We've traveled the world for food & wine and taken the best of what we think makes a great tour, then upped it another few notches to make our dream wine experiences. Now we want to share them with you.

These principles are at the heart of any Vine + Country experience. We’re proud of the rich fabric of heritage, tradition and abundant produce that our world-class wine industry has to offer and the food we grew up with.

We’re your conduits to a great and delicious day out....

Wine Exists to Make us Happy!

Let’s not over complicate things, why else would wine exist unless to put a smile on your face? This is what fundamentally drives us during our experiences.

Kent & Sussex are at the heart of the English wine revolution, producing some of the finest sparkling wines in the world, but you don’t need a degree to know when something is good, just read the reaction on your face.

Discover them during one of our wine experiences and we’ll help take the mystery and bluster out of enjoying fantastic wines.

Taste the wines with the winemakers themselves, who are just as much in love with their wines and enjoy our beautiful landscape, a patchwork of verdant hills, ancient woodlands, castles and historic towns.

We’ll keep things down to earth so you can connect to the land and people sharing your table.

Eating and drinking together; life’s greatest joy…

We are as much about the eating as we are about the drinking.

For us, the day spent exploring great wines is only half-lived without a feast to go along with it, and lunch, of course, is the best meal of the day.

We’re all about making a celebration of every moment and that’s what our show-stopper lunches are perfectly crafted to do.

All of our wine experiences treat you to one of our signature vineyard feasts served at the vineyards and loaded with local ingredients, thoughtfully paired with wines from the estates.

A feast guaranteed to leave even the most veteran food lovers smiling.

Jamie, Founder
Jamie worked as a chef for many years until in 2010 he graduated from Plymouth with an MSc in Geology, because that’s what curious minds do. Soon after he moved to Australia, working as a professional career geologist for an underground zinc and copper mine. During this time he continued to culture a love for food and wine where skill, passion and dedication are required. This in turn led to him returning home to Sussex to create a dream.

Steph, Co-Founder

A life long passion for good food and drink, Stephanie has worked as a consultant for start-up restaurants and bars both sides of the pond, flying and living between London and New York for many years. Fortunately for Vine + Country, the energy of the city couldn’t keep her from returning to rural Sussex to recognise her own business dreams to bring together the best things in life – food, wine and country.
Stephanie and Jamie met in 2017 and hit it off sharing in each others enthusiasm and passion for food and drink and during the course of several evenings of wine tasting (that’s what we call it) began sharing ideas. After a few days of excitedly throwing ideas around they both realised what needed to be done. The rest of the story? Well that’s written above and perhaps you could help us to write the next chapter. Jamie has completed his WSET level 3 in wines to complement his experience and local knowledge.